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genius at work

sars in fairytaleweekly

a new comm header

sethoz, I bet you'll think twice before requesting another banner ;)


*keels over laughing*
Now I can just sit back and wait for the [insert fandom here]/Toy Story crossovers to roll in, right? ;)
SGA Action figures! *grins broadly*
See, now you've done it. You have only yourself to blame. Next time you ask for prompts that's gonna bite you on the ass :)
I'll just never ask for prompts again, then. ;p
sure sure...

one day you'll forget, and I'll be waiting *moohahaha*
I'll just fall back on my right of saying "I don't wanna write that!" or "But, I wrote you sooo shiny fic, and now you ask this of me? The ingratitude! The shame!" in case that should happen. *grins*
omg, John and Rodney accidently step through a Quantum Mirror and end up in a alternate realirt where everyone is action figures. Right?
reality even
*laughs* Hell, no?
awww... spoil my fun
ohhhh I kinda want to do it, a little. Though it'd be better if you did. I love this banner.
Thanks :)

Sethoz asked for a dragon, but I watch way too much children's television these days *g*
Nah, you go ahead - I don't have the time right now.

Although, if we keep it quiet, smuffster might forget about it. ;)
Yeah, cause that's gonna happen ;)