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Fourth Challenge Announcement

Hijacking again!

New challenge for June.

Thumbelina, because what fandom obvioulsy needs are tales of tiny people.

Remember the time that the Ancient technology shrunk John to 3 inches tall and he had to live in an Athosian dolls house for a month?

Or what about that Supernatural/Honey, I Shrunk the Kids crossover?

And who could ever forget the time the Tardis landed on the Planet of the Giants. What wacky fun that was.

What? You mean no one's written these stories? Well, they should!

So go forth and write your little hearts out.

Challenge will stay open until the end of June.

Please do not post anywhere outside this journal before this challenge runs out. Thank you.

And of course, you can always post any other fairy tale outside of the challenge. This is a prompt, not a restriction.

ETA: Plot synopsis of Thumbelina


Thumbelina? *grins* Like that animated movie with the singing pigs and the frog and the fairy prince?
I don't remember any singing pigs *gives you a strange look* But yeah, the one where the tiny girl gets kidnapped by the frogs, almost married to a mole, and finally taken to fairyland by the swallow.

I should find a link to the story.
Might've been a cow, then. *hasn't seen that movie in years*
Smuffster thinks you're loco
Yeah, well, like that's new. *g*
What are you doing here anyway, miss?
I missed you! *snuggles*

Actually, I'm at my parents' writing job applications because I don't have a printer and stuff at home.
I like your first excuse better, honey :D

I've only got one tiny bit of the fanmix thang left to write. I was up at 4am last night scribbling away in the dark.
Well I did miss you. It's just not the reason I'm here. And I'll be going again, now. *huggles you goodbye*

Yay for fic obsession! I'm so looking forward to that one! :D
Should be finished tomorrow.