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Third Challenge Annoucement

I'm hijacking the comm to post a new challenge for y'all!

The prompt this time around is...

The Little Match Girl

Cause it's kinda a Christmassy / New Years story, and one of my favourites, and yeah, kinda depressing, but I'm sure all you wonderfully talented people can give it a happy ending if you so choose, right?

So, will Rodney be sent to the snow planet to sell his basket of nuclear devices? *insert witty fandom ideas that I'm too sick (cough) to think of right now here*

Write, manip, icon or vid your little hearts away! This challenge will run until 1st January 2007. Look at that, you've got the whole rest of the year people!

Please do not post anywhere outside this journal before this challenge runs out. Thank you.

And of course, you can always post any other fairy tale outside of the challenge. This is a prompt, not a restriction.

Go forth and create...