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sars in fairytaleweekly

*evil laugh*

lavvyan, you are going to be the death of me.

And if I ever find a Rodney head to stick out the window I'll fix this up.




Very much squee.

[oh and I found that picture of Danny in armour. Twas perview piccis from S10.]
ooh ooh ooh.. point me in the direction? I'll dig up a nice dragon and do up the banner this weekend.


Glad you like the pic. I just couldn't find the right Rodney pic and tower to work together. Doh! But I think the donkey makes the picture. It looks so happy to be there *snorts*
Oh, from 10x01. I'll see if I can't cap a better shot. One where he's holding a gun and Claudia isn't standing in front of him.

Though I spose I could make her a damsel in distress. Hmmm.

Need a caption now.
Knight in not so shining armour?

and yes, the donkey does make it. But then, as we all know, Donkey's make fairy tales.
Hee! OMG, you are both so funny! And that is classic...

*luffs on you and lavvyan*
*g* Thanks hon :)
Thanks *g*

I know it's supposed to be Rapumzel but Don Quixote came to mind!!!!

Thanks for sharing.
*g* glad you like it
Bwaaaaah! *keels over laughing*

Oh god, the donkey! And the prince with his impressive sword, and the background!

*glomps you*
I live t serve ;)
Sometimes I think I live to look at your pretty artwork. :)
There's worse things to live for ;)
Heee! That's perfect for the story. The donkey! ♥

And Rodney's 'Excuse me?' is so precious *g*
lol, thank you ;)