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forcryinoutloud in fairytaleweekly

Once Upon a Time...

Title: Once Upon a Time...
Author: forcryinoutloud
Rating: GEN
Fandom: SGA
Summary: Once upon a time, that’s how the story goes, there was a magical city hidden beneath the waves.
Notes: *g* Not sure where this came from.

Once upon a time, that’s how the story goes, there was a magical city hidden beneath the waves. Ten thousand years it sat, empty and cold, silent and dark, until all quiet within it was broken by the sound of its children returning. But ten thousand years is a long time and the city was fragile, its powers fading fast as her children swept through her corridors, bringing the long sleeping rooms to life.

She was frightened for her children, returned after so many millennia to a place still being ravaged by war. Her power would not last much longer, she could already feel the areas her magic was weakening; feel her beautiful corridors filling with long held back waters. But these were her children, whom she loved without ever knowing them and she had spent ten thousand years alone. She had been alone for so long. With the last of her fading strength, the city surfaced from beneath the ocean, glittering and shining in the radiance of a new day, a new beginning.

And her children rejoiced.

They lived happily ever after, that’s how the story goes, but this is not a fairytale.

There is laughter and joy when her children triumph over adversity and she rejoices with them, proud and thankful they have survived.

There is pain and loss, the city weeping when fewer of her children return home. She tries to console those left behind, her warm glow softening, as she soothes them to sleep with the promise of better days to come.

It is not happily ever after, but it is their ending, the city and her children, and that is enough.


A fairy tale that isn't. *g*

I love the rhythm of this story, it reads almost dream-like. :)
Thanks hun ;)
Sweet. *g*
:P Thanks hun ;)